Sliding Glass Patio Doors Repair

Sliding Glass Patio Doors Repair and Replacement

A sliding glass patio door is a perfect investment decision, so long as it is installed in the right position. It really needs to be located in such a path that more light and air enter the available room. The earlier sliding glass door units were bulky, and over the time, it becomes difficult to slide open the doors. Nevertheless, with the development of sophisticated technology and building materials, superior quality and durable sliding glass patio doors are introduced in the market. Installing these doors not only aid in saving energy, but you can also enjoy the scenic view of gardens and outdoors without stepping out of home.
If the door is more than 10 years old, chances are high that you have problems in opening it smoothly. You are able to improve its efficiency by restoring and replacing its parts (if required). Understanding the right elements of the door and its own working can help in correcting the breakdown easily. In the vast majority of the sliding glass door designs, plastic material rollers are put together in the bottom or both at the very top and bottom level of the door for free of charge sliding.

The need for repairing a sliding glass patio doors after some years of installation is understandable, particularly that of the tracks and rollers of the door unit. If you’re scheduling to repair a sliding glass doors by yourself, be sure you take the help of the good friend or a member of family. Remember glass doors are extremely heavy plus they can be difficult to take care of. Based on the door structure, carefully lift the door and free it from the frame. After this, identifying the components and repairing the door malfunction become easy.
Take a look at the Rollers: The most frequent problem with a sliding glass door is difficulty in starting and closing the door. In such a full case, inspect the rollers or wheels in the bottom and check if they are set up or not. If the wheels are out of track, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the sliding door malfunction simply by changing them on the track.

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Replace the Rollers: many times the rollers or wheels may be exhausted which is more frequent in some older door. Carefully remove the damaged rollers from the frame with the help of a screwdriver. Purchase correct size rollers, preferably the exact copies of the damaged ones, and install them in the door framing as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Additional Contact Point: If your patio door is an old model, it is quite possible that it has only one contact point. This configuration reduces the durability of the wheels as the weight of the glass door is concentrated on the single contact point. You can install an additional contact point to ensure proper distribution of the door weight, which will increase the durability of the wheels. If this project sounds challenging, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.
Clean the Tracks: Accumulation of dust and dirt in the tracks may be one of the causes of difficulty in sliding the door. If these are the situation you can vacuum clean the tracks for eliminating loose dirt and grime. Also consider cleaning the tracks with an appropiate cleaning product and warm water permit them to dry properly before mounting the sliding glass door.
Fixing glass chips for working with small cracks in the sliding door you may use a resin product. However if the cracks are large think about changing the glass pane.
You can loosen the screws in the side panels and remove the old glass unit from the frame. Calculate the accurate sizing of the glass purchase and pane accordingly. Fit the new glass panel in the sliding door body and secure the screws. Ensure that it is fitted properly.

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